OMBUDSMAN  Information Network

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About the Ombudsman Information Network

The Ombudsman Information Network was developed under the project Promoting European Standards in Human Rights: Establishment of Ombudsman Institution in Bulgaria implemented by the Center for the Study of Democracy with the support of the European Commission.

The Ombudsman Information Network has three main functions: to facilitate awareness, advocacy, training and education in the field of human rights protection; to collect relevant information; and to disseminate information and knowledge to citizens, public administration, and relevant organizations.

As a web-based system the Ombudsman Information Network is designed to serve as a permanent and dynamic virtual workshop producing, exchanging, managing and disseminating knowledge, data and experience on different issues and trends related to the ombudsman institution, local mediators, non-governmental organizations and individuals working on the promotion and protection of human rights, strengthening of democracy and good governance, and gender mainstreaming.

By providing a mechanism for collaborative research, dialogue and consultations, the Ombudsman Information Network links different stakeholders helping them to identify research and training needs, to understand emerging problems and to specify policy options and actions for change.

The developed databank provides professionals, policy makers, public officials, and citizens with the opportunity to use the European know-how in their daily activities. It also provides links to other information resources such as the existing database of the European Ombudsman and ombudsman offices in different countries, foreign legislation, international acts and documents related to human rights, etc.